Exporting Persian carpets from Iran

Talking to some tourists, you can clearly see the excitement and surprise on their faces after seeing the Iranian carpet. Some of them believe that no one in the world can weave carpets like the Iranians. This distinguishes Iran from other countries in the world and is considered as a tourist attraction in the country. 

In this article, we provided a guideline on the regulations of taking a Persian carpet abroad. 


Taking carpets abroad

If you are curious about how to take a carpet abroad, you should know that every traveler can take as many machine made carpets as they want. However, this is not the case with hand-woven carpets, and each passenger can only take a maximum of 20 meters of carpets with them.

Machine-made and hand-woven rugs up to a maximum weight of 20kg (about 6m) can also be mailed. However, please note that a maximum of 20kg of rugs can be sent at one time.

The cost of shipping rugs abroad varies by destination and we cannot give exact prices.


The rules of exiting carpets from Iran

Passengers are allowed to take out handmade carpet with a maximum size of 24 square meters, as long as they do not exceed the specified size, they would not be limited in terms of the number of pieces of carpet.

  • Also, the maximum measure to take hand-woven kilims abroad is 40 square meters.
  • In addition to the air borders, passengers are allowed to take carpets from the land and sea borders.
  • The exit of fine antique rugs of historical and cultural value is prohibited and will be considered contraband if found.
  • Passengers traveling to the countries of Iraq, Syria and Saudi Arabia, are not allowed to take the carpets with them.
  • It is necessary to present a passport and a plane ticket to take the carpet abroad.
  • Companions without an independent passport are not allowed to take out the carpet

Also, pilgrims to the shrines or other holy places are not allowed to take carpets abroad.


Shipping Persian carpets abroad

You can ship your desired carpets, whether they are hand-woven, machine-made carpets or pictorial carpets, by sea or air to the destination country. Obviously, the sea method will be associated with a lower cost and a longer period of transportation time. Likewise, the air freight cost of the carpet will be higher and its delivery time will be much shorter. 
For example, to ship Persian rugs to Europe, choosing the sea shipping method will take a lot of time. According to the type of carpet, we divide carpet delivery into three groups: machine-made carpet delivery, hand-woven carpet delivery, and pictorial carpet delivery.


Shipping machine made carpet abroad

There are no special restrictions on sending machine-made carpets abroad, as long as they are carefully packaged so that they would not be damaged. The shipping costs depend on your destination, the size and dimensions of the load, as well as its value. There are no restrictions for the export of machine-made carpets to different countries such as Dubai, Australia, Canada, etc., and you can easily choose the appropriate shipping method and secure packaging.


Shipping hand woven carpet abroad

As mentioned earlier, due to the special characteristics of hand-woven carpets, sending hand-woven carpets abroad has limitations. As a result, it will not be possible to send more than 2 hand-woven carpets without obtaining the necessary custom permits.


The shipment cost

In general, the cost of shipping to overseas depends on the type, quantity and volume of carpet and its value as well as the method of shipping.

 The more valuable the package, the more expensive it will be to ship it abroad. . Also, it costs more to ship a rug to Australia than to Turkey. In other words, distance plays a key role as well. 


What is the best way to ship carpets to Europe?

Depending on the size and weight of the cargo, the best shipping method would be by sea or air. For small and medium cargo, air freight and for large cargo, sea shipping would be the best options.

In this article, we discussed the regulations of taking Persian carpets and Iranian rugs abroad. If you intend to take Iranian carpets with you as a souvenir from your trip to Iran, you must abide by the above rules.

If you need any more information, feel free to contact us through email and Online chat. 

Mojtaba Taghiabadi / Deytrips

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