The importance of a travel guide

Who is Tour Guide?

The person who helps tourists through the trip and explains everything needed about the religion, culture, history and nature of the destination is called a tour guide.

A tour guide accompanies a group of travelers on a domestic or international trip and carries out everything as planned. These trips can last from a few days to several weeks.

The tour guide is well-acquainted with the destination and is usually fluent in several languages and provides tourists with the detailed information on the destination and thoroughly explains the history and stories of each site and attraction.

If you decide to travel solo and discover the destination’s attractions on your own, you’ll be confronted with a variety of advantages and disadvantages.

On outgoing trips, you should become well acquainted with the language of the destination country. Interacting with local people while being enjoyable, is also inevitable and the ability to interact with them in a quality way would be a great advantage.



Before traveling, you must gather enough information about the state of public transportation and domestic fares of the destination, which is not easy at all. 

The knowledge and information of a tour guide is another important factor to consider. The information provided by the tour guide during the tour, adds depth to the trip and makes it more exceptional.

In general, a tour guide, being familiar with the ups and downs of a trip, will take care of arrangements and dealing with different people and will take this burden off from the tourists. 


In this article, we are going to discuss some of the main reasons for needing a tour guide:

1) Obviously, anyone visiting a place for the first time is not thoroughly familiar with it. However, a tour guide who has already visited the destination and is familiar with it, would bring an undeniable advantage for tourists. Tour guides with knowledge of the area can confidently speak and comment on the destination’s attractions and facilities, and anticipate possible problems.

2) Tour guides’ knowledge of foreign languages ​​(especially when traveling abroad) is a significant aid for travelers. Mastering the target language not only makes it easier to interact with locals, but it also prevents many language misunderstandings.

3) tour guides are mastered and skilled in search and rescue and first aid, they usually take on medical responsibilities, and provide tourists with peace of mind in this regard. Skills such as artificial ventilation, lifeguarding, advanced first aid are invaluable help to the tour and travelers.

4) A good tour guide with organizational skills, especially in the field of leadership, makes the necessary arrangements for the tour and reviews it every day. A competent tour guide anticipates all the travel events and schedules everything in advance. 

5) With a tour guide and a prearranged travel plan, you will have a clear view of the journey, leaving no room for doubt and lack of planning when choosing a destination.

6) Some people get flustered when their normal routine is disrupted. The situation worries inflexible planners who want everything in order. Murphy’s law applies to the tours as well (If anything simply cannot go wrong, it will anyway). Planning in advance reduces the likelihood of major problems, but some changes are inevitable. Problems such as transportation inconvenience, disturbances in communication networks, illness, natural disasters, traffic delays, etc. can arise during travel. By being familiar with and preparing for these conditions, tour guides can replace the canceled program with other ones and wrap the day’s program with dignity.

7) Since flexibility is a necessary virtue, a professional guide considers all everything that may go wrong in advance and tries to prevent them from happening. This includes extensive discussions with the bus driver and ship staff, phone conversations before the trip, checking out the facilities before departure and … .

8) An experienced tour guide has the ability to bring travelers together. At the end of a good tour, most travelers in the group don’t like to part ways and want to stay connected afterwards. A competent tour guide can provide tourists with a good context to find friends.

Generally speaking, a tour guide, providing you with valuable information about the destination, and helping you through every step of the trip, brings you an easy and enjoyable experience. With a competent tour guide, you can spend more quality time on your trip.

Deytrips, with a long history in the field of conducting domestic and foreign tours and having experienced tour guides, would be happy to help you on your trips. For more information, you can contact our experts via online chat and email.



Mojtaba Taghiabadi /  Deytrips

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