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You have probably heard of Adventure Tourism. The Adventure Travel Trade Association defines it as a physical activity, a cultural exchange or interaction and engagement with nature. In other words, adventure tourism means connecting with a new culture and nature while engaging in physical activity. To be an adventurer, you do not necessarily have to do things like Bungee Jumping and shark diving. Although both of these activities are part of Adventure Tourism, you’re an adventurer as soon as you find yourself in a situation that is beyond your safe zone.

By this definition, a wider range of activities are considered adventure. Of course, the risk factor can not be ignored. However, you will face more risks on an adventure trip, but not all activities are the same. The adventurous person can choose one of the types of sports in this branch of tourism according to his level of interest and risk-taking. The important thing is to be aware of the risks of the activity he is doing and to accept them. Therefore, the tourist who goes on an adventure trip must recognize the risks of his trip and accept them.


Iran has an amazing and diverse nature, and this provides a good context for adventure tourism.

Types of Adventure Tourism


Depending on the level of risk, adventure tourism can be hard or soft. If the tourist’s life is going to be in danger due to performing these activities and he must have expertise to perform it, adventure tourism would be hard and if not, adventure tourism would be considered soft. Most of the activities that take place in this type of tourism can be both hard and soft. For example, if we consider mountain climbing as an adventure activity, mounting to reach a 3,000-meter peak in spring weather would be soft adventure tourism, and mountaineering to Mount Everest would be hard adventure.

The range of activities we know today as adventure tourism is extremely wide. But some of the most popular are as follows:


Mountain climbing, skiing, mountain skiing, cycling, mountain biking, paragliding, hot air ballooning, caving, hiking, river trekking, free jumping, bungee jumping, paragliding, diving, desert hiking and jungle trekking.


We have selected a number of adventure tourism destinations in Iran to introduce to those interested in Iran adventure trip style. The activities included in this list can be done in different parts of the country.



Cycling is so popular among adventure tourists that it can be recognized as an independent trip style. 

Many travelers, upon arrival to their destination city or country, ride bicycles and travel distances by it. 

But there is another group of people who do not want to cycle all their trip long. The good news is that cycling is included in Deytrips adventure tours as an activity and the best and most beautiful routes are selected for cycling in. 

For example, on the 15th day of the “Iran Desert Adventure Tour” tour, we have planned cycling in the desert for our travelers and companions.

As mentioned, there are many cycling routes in Iran. Miankaleh to Ashuradeh is a suitable coastal route for cycling, and as evident from the pictures, it is an enjoyable cycling route. 

But in most cases, forest routes are the most popular ones for cycling and hiking. Asalem to Khalkhal is one of the most beautiful routes.


Therefore, if you are passionate about cycling, just inform us so your travel guide incorporates this activity in your tour and make arrangements regarding providing the appropriate bicycle and etc.


Hiking & Trekking


Hiking and trekking are the essential parts of an adventure trip style.

Trekking is a constant part of adventure travel and the only difference is the  location and duration of the trekking. For example, on the “Iran Nature Tour ” tour, you will explore and trek in the Hyrcanian forests. 

And on the 112th day of the “Iran Desert Adventure Tour” tour, we will trek in the Loot Desert, the name of which you have probably heard.

It is not an exaggeration to say that there are countless hiking routes in Iran Destination and by being aware of your stamina and your favorite trekking style and sharing these information with your travel guide, you can choose the best trekking route for your trip in Iran.


Mount Climbing


Mountain climbing is considered a professional adventure activity and Deytrips has designed tours that focus solely on it.

As you know, mountain climbing requires professional equipment and experience, therefore attracts only a limited number of tourists.

Iran has mountains and peaks at different levels from beginner to advanced. The most famous peak in Iran is Damavand, which is the twelfth highest peak in the world.



No one denies that people mostly consider winter sports as solely recreational and leisure activities, however, there are a large number of people who perform winter sports professionally. And for skiing enthusiasts, the experience of skiing at different heights will definitely be enjoyable.


Diving in Qeshm Island


There are many diving sites in the country, but underwater diving in Qeshm feels different. What makes Qeshm distinct in this regard is the beautiful and unique nature of this island. For diving, you should go to one of Qeshm diving parks such as Zaytoun. After filling out the forms, you will be provided with an appropriate diving suit.  You will be weighted and based on that, get other equipment such as oxygen.

This is where underwater diving officially begins and to practice breathing underwater, you will go to pools with your instructor. Once you master your breathing, you will enter the beautiful Persian Gulf. The trainer helps you to slowly go deeper into the bay. The experience of the underwater world is a unique experience. This experience usually lasts between 40 minutes to 1 hour. Underwater diving in Qeshm is unique in terms of the underwater beauty and depth that you experience. Of course, apart from Qeshm, diving is also one of the popular water recreations of Kish.


Canyoning in Reqez


Canyoning is another type of adventure in Iran that is not popular with tourists, but has its own fan base. When canyoning, tourists need equipment such as helmets, thick ropes, harnesses and special shoes. In addition, they should have good stamina to manage to overcome the difficulties of the adventure. There are different canyons in Iran that are different in terms of difficulty, but canyoning in Reghz canyon is relatively easier and is recommended to less experienced tourists. Reghz valley or canyon is located near Darab city in Fars province and is known as the bride of the valleys of Iran.

In this article, I discussed some adventure activities in different tourist destinations in Iran. Iran has a great potential in the adventure trip style area. Mountains, deserts, rivers, caves and in general the geography and nature of Iran cities(لینک به دیستنیشن) and villages provide a perfect and ideal context for a wide range of adventure activities for those interested in this trip style. 

Definitely a trip to the central deserts of Iran, such as Rig Jan or the terror desert, caving through the Ghatel (killer) cave in Kermanshah, crossing the Arvah (ghosts) valley, exploring the forest of Sarborj village where the natives believe the trees scream, visiting the Jen (goblin) cemetery in Tis village in Sistan and Baluchestan province, mountain climbing and rock climbing in inaccessible areas and diving in the exciting waters of the Persian Gulf will bring you a load of adrenaline and excitement.

The important thing about adventure travel to Iran is that, especially in places which you are not familiar with, you should not do it alone. You should always take part in adventure tours around the world that have been launched for this purpose. The advantage of traveling in adventure tours is that the guide usually has a good idea of the location of the destination and what gear to pack along this winding road.

In addition to the above points, good stamina, experience, strong decision-making power and concern for environmental protection are among the basic skills and requirements that tour managers and adventure tourism tourists should have. Being equipped with these skills reduces the risk of a trip.

DeyTrips, an Iran tour operator with special expertise in ecotourism, offers a variety of Iran adventure tours to satisfy all types of adventure trip style lovers in Iran tours. We would love to be on this journey with you so we can create happy times for you on your adventure trip.

These adventure activities are specialized, however, this does not mean that every day of your trip to Iran should be devoted to one of these activities, as travel agencies like Deytrips carefully plan your travel experience with the help of experts. To maximize your experiences and adventures in your trip, we design a mountain climbing and caving tour for professionals.

The Adventage of Iran Adventure Tours


At a certain point in life, everyone needs to change. A little bit of excitement, a little bit of fear and even swimming against the tide can greatly remove the feeling of monotony and laziness from our lives and create new experiences for us.

More adventure brings in more confidence and more progress with it. If you do not leave your safe and comfortable zone to try new experiences, you are not really allowing yourself to progress and grow. Do not forget that these are the experiences that build up our personalities.


If you are looking for success and a sense of victory, there is no higher feeling than focusing your whole mind on a goal and working with all your strength to achieve it; adventure trip style can definitely help you in this regard.

We have designed a great variety of Iran adventure trip style tours to meet all kinds of interests and needs. 

For more information on Iran adventure tours, please visit our website on Iran adventure Tour page. Also, if you have any questions or ambiguities about this trip style in Iran, do not hesitate to contact us via or WhatsApp +98 (937) 2768273


Hope to see you soon in Iran. 

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