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Mount Damavand, with an elevation of 5,610 meters, is one of the most famous and challenging mountains in Iran. Climbing this mountain encompasses various physical and mental challenges, offering an exceptional experience for mountaineering enthusiasts. The route is filled with diverse climbing paths, beautiful waterfalls, lush mountains, and breathtaking landscapes. Throughout the ascent, you will face challenges such as altitude, weather conditions, unpredictable climate variations, and oxygen deficiency. However, all of these can be overcome with the right mindset, preparedness, and the support of a professional team. Summiting Mount Damavand is an unparalleled experience that allows you to reach high altitudes, witness mesmerizing views, and indulge in the extraordinary surroundings.damavand mount

The duration required to climb Mount Damavand depends on various factors, including the level of mountaineering experience, weather conditions, your physical and mental abilities, and the chosen route. Generally, ascending Mount Damavand takes between 3 to 5 days.

The climbing itinerary may involve acclimatization and rest at lower altitudes, traversing different paths, resting at temporary camps, and the final push to the summit. However, it is also possible to have shorter or longer trip plans based on your needs and preferences.

The most important point is that climbing Mount Damavand requires physical fitness and proper acclimatization. Prior to the ascent, it is advisable to collaborate with an experienced guide and a seasoned mountaineering team to establish a suitable plan for climbing Mount Damavand and ensure your safety and success.

In this tour, we have tried to select the southern route for your ascent, which typically takes three days to complete. During this tour, you will be accompanied by one of the best mountain guides in Iran from the DeyTrips team, ensuring an exciting and safe climbing experience.


  • Round trip transfer from your accommodation in Tehran
  • Porter for carrying equipment
  • Professional mountain guide (full-time)
  • One breakfast
  • Liability and accident insurance
  • Required mountaineering permits.
  • Trips do not include airport pickup.
  • Meals are provided for mountaineers.

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Tour Plan

Early in the morning, we will passionately and hopefully take Haraz road and upon arriving at Rine village, we will lighten our load by putting our backpacks on the mule’s back. Getting in Patrols and driving on rough roads for about 40 minutes, we will arrive at a place called Goosfand Sara to start our climbing tour. After 5 to 7 hours of climbing (this time may vary depending on your stamina) we will reach the third court of Damavand. After dinner, we will pay attention to the guide's instructions for the next day's climbing, and take a break to save energy for a successful climb.
The third court is 4200 meters above sea level and is the best location for adaptation to the environment and acclimatization.


Standard: Camping

We will have breakfast early in the morning and get ready for today's climb. After 4 to 7 hours of climbing (this time may vary depending on stamina), we reach the beautiful summit of Damavand. (this time may vary depending on your stamina) we will reach the beautiful summit of Damavand. After a short break and taking memorable pictures, we will continue our way to return to the third court. On our way, we will pass the ice waterfall and sulfur hills. After about 4 to 5 hours of climbing (this time may vary depending on your stamina) we will arrive at the third court. There, by having a light dinner and night rest, we will be ready to continue our way back.


Standard: Camping

After enjoying a light breakfast and observing and photographing the surrounding landscape, we will get ready to return. After about 3 to 4 hours of climbing (this time may vary depending on your stamina) we will arrive at Goosfand Sara. We will hop on the patrol, ride on the road for about 40 minutes, and then happily be reminded of the perfect climb, and will drive to Rine's hot springs for a dip in the hot spring pools. After a bath and rest, we will drive to Tehran.

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