COVID 19 – Last Update (7/6/2023)

With the outbreak of the coronavirus Pandemic, strict restrictions have been imposed on domestic and international travel. The restrictions, which lasted more than a year, eased as disease morbidity and mortality declined and the vaccine was supplied.
Of course, in order to control the disease, measures and protocols are still being followed as much as possible, especially in public places.
Fortunately, due to adherence to health protocols and widespread vaccination, the coronavirus pandemic situation in Iran has stabilized, with zero deaths on most days and a significant reduction in the number of morbid cases.
With the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, Iran, like other countries in the world, has imposed entry regulations, which of course, are not much different from other countries.
According to the latest entry regulations, which apply to all countries, all passengers over the age of 12 on incoming flights to Iran can enter the country by showing proof of being fully vaccinated against COVID-19 in two doses. A negative COVID-19 test (PCR) is also required for entry

Please note that presenting a valid COVID-19 vaccination card and a negative PCR test result is mandatory for foreign nationals upon entering Iran after obtaining an Iranian visa.

Your health is of the highest importance for us.
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