Shiraz Is City Of Wine & Love


Shiraz is an alluring, historical and legendary city in Iran, known for its beauty and rich culture. Located in the province of Fars in the south of the country, this beautiful city seems to be part of a paradise promised to mankind. The fragrance and aroma of the orange blossoms, the poetic mood and the hospitable people, makes this city one of the most popular ones in the country.
In this article, we are going to make you familiar with this terrestrial paradise and provide you with some guidelines about your trip to Shiraz.

Shiraz History

Shiraz is one of the oldest and most unique cities of Fars province. Historical evidence and the studies made on the historical objects in Shiraz show that this city has a history of 6500 years. For several eras, this city has been the capital of different dynasties. This has been evidenced in Persepolis petroglyphs. That’s why Shiraz has so many historical objects in it and is constantly attracting tourists from all over the world. The city which today we know as Shiraz was reconstructed by Bani-Omayeh – an Arab dynasty. In 13th, this city progressed so much that many scientists and artists gathered round in this city and made it the culture and art pole of Iran. most of the advances in this city is related to Zandiye dynasty, many of the historical objects and constructions of which, go back to this dynasty. Shiraz is known as the city of poets, flowers and wine. There are a lot of gardens and fruit trees in Shiraz which make it so lovely. For example, Eram, Delgosha, and many other gardens in Shiraz make it renowned as the city of gardens. Important jewish and christian communities live in Shiraz. However, the muslums are the majority in the population.

How Much Time Is Required To Visit Shiraz?

It takes at least three days to visit the most prominent attractions of Shiraz. One day is required for visiting the attractions like Persepolis and Pasargadae which are located on the outskirts, and one day to visit natural attractions around Shiraz like Dasht-e Arzhan and the Pink lake, and one day is required for visiting downtown attractions like Arg-e Karim Khani, the Pink mosque and … . as mentioned before, at least three days are needed and and you may need more if you want to explore the city in a more peaceful way. Of course, if you want to have an absolutely cultural tour(link), you may skip the natural attractions and devote your time to the cultural and historical sites. Shiraz is so rich in terms of historical assets that you can not consider a limit for visiting it.

Shiraz Climate

Due to its geographic location, Shiraz enjoys four distinct seasons and a very pleasant climate. This region’s climate is semi-arid and is not as humid. Generally, Shiraz weather is very pleasant in the spring and spring would be one of the best seasons to travel to Shiraz city. In summer, Shiraz is relatively hot which may be disturbingly dry for some people. However, in the fall, a very pleasant and breezy weather is ruling in Shiraz. After all, if you want to experience mountainous and cold weather, we recommend you to choose winter to travel to Shiraz.

Several Points About Shiraz

Is It Possible To Travel To Shiraz Without A Travel Guide?

It is absolutely possible to travel to Shiraz and even the most remote and unexplored places in the world without a tour guide. It’s all about making the most of the trip. On your trip to Iran(link), if you intend to make the most out of this vast country, you may at most devote just three days to Shiraz. With so many attractions in Shiraz, in order to choose and prioritize the best places to visit in Shiraz, you definitely need a guide. Local professional tour guides enjoy a knowledge tens of times more informative than this article. They try their best to convey this information to you and provide you with a perfect tour. In other words, a tour guide will guarantee you a good and memorable trip.

Shiraz Safety

Before dealing with Shiraz safety, I recommend you to read the “Iran safety” article to have a more thorough and realistic view about this matter. Shiraz is one of the most important and populous cities in Iran. Therefore, special attention has always been paid to its peace and safety. Till now, the citizens of Shiraz and tourists have always been satisfied and content about the safety ruling over the city.


The Language And Dialect Of Shiraz Residents

Talking about the roots of Shirazi dialect and its history takes quite a load of work and time. There are specialized articles in this regard which may not be as functional and they may be even boring for you. Generally, Shiraz residents speak Persian with their own dialect.

What Is Shiraz Famous For?

Shiraz is known as the city of poetry, wine, garden, flowers and nightingales, proof of which are the tombs of great poets and gardens with tall trees.

What Equipment Might Be Needed In Your Trip To Shiraz?

When traveling to metropolitans, it does not make sense to talk about the essential and necessary equipment. Therefore, in your trip to Shiraz, you are just required to carry your routine devices and upon choosing your trip style or tour, discuss this issue with your tour guide.

Shiraz Cultural Attractions


Not very far from the city, one of the most important historical sites of the world, Persepolis is located in Marvdasht. Persepolis is called Takht-e Jamshid in Persian and was constructed in 518 BC. Even though it has been afired about 150 years later, it still retains its beauty. Stairs, pillars and castles evoke the splendor of ancient Persia in this historic complex. This Unesco world heritage is relatively enormous and it takes hours to visit its ruins. Since the midday sun can seem a bit harsh, it is recommended to visit Shiraz Takhte Jamshid in the morning or before sunset. Otherwise, take enough water with you!

Naqsh-e Rostam and Naqsh-e Rajab

When you go to visit Persepolis, make sure to visit Naqsh-e Rostam and Naqsh-e Rajab as well. Naqsh-e Rostam includes 4 achaemenid royal tombs. There are also carvings depicting the conquests of Sassanid kings, including Emperor Valerian kneeling before Shapur. You can see more Sassanid petroglyphs at Naqsh-e Rajab, five minutes away, which unfortunately are not perfectly preserved.


Pasargadae, the second political center of Achaemenids after Persepolis, is another must-see historical site outside the city. The Tomb of Cyrus the Great is located 50 kilometers from Persepolis, and while it is not the easiest place to get to, it is well worth experiencing the glorious tranquility at the Tomb of Cyrus. Alexander is said to have personally spent time visiting the tomb of the founder of the Achaemenid dynasty.

Eram Garden

Eram Garden is one of the top tourist attractions in Shiraz. Even Though the founding date is unknown, it is estimated to go back about 1000 years. Most of its unfinished constructions have been completed in the past two centuries. It is no exaggeration to say that the views of Eram Garden are breathtaking and make you feel alive.

Trees like palms, cypresses, locusts, maples, willows and Persian cypresses as well as colorful blooms add beauty and popularity to this striking garden, making its atmosphere even more inviting. It is noteworthy that the tallest cypress of Shiraz is found in this garden. Also fruits like apple, quince, pear, medlar, walnut, bitter orange, prunus armeniaca, almond and date are found on the trees.

A long pond in the middle of Eram Garden extends all the way to the palace and the ripples of the water make your walk even more pleasant. The beauty of this garden is duplicated in the spring and fall. In the spring, the aroma of orange blossoms and the flowers pervades the atmosphere, and in the fall, the garden is covered by a unique orange color. Bringing a camera is a must to capture the unparalleled views of this garden. Interestingly, Eram garden is now a property of the university of Shiraz and has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Visiting Eram Garden in Ordibehesht (april and may) brings you an unrepeatable pleasure. Should you like to know more about Eram and other Shiraz gardens, we recommend you to read the Shiraz gardens article.

Arg-e Karim Khani 

One of the memorials of Karim Khan Zand, the reputed and righteous king of Zandiyeh dynasty, is the beautiful Arg-e Karim Khani. When Karim Khan chose this citadel to live in, employed the best of architects and materials to construct it. This citadel was constructed in a square form and has four towers in its corners, which are still firm and intact. This construction has gone through many ups and downs; in the Pahlavi era, it was used as a prison and this caused so much damage to the citadel. One of the cylindrical towers is bent outward and made it famous as the Pisa tower of Iran.

Vakil Bazzar 

Vakil Bazaar, Vakil Bath, and Vakil Mosque in Shiraz are all buildings built during the twenty-nine years of Karim Khan’s reign. These constructions and buildings are renowned internationally as the Vakil complex. It is impossible to visit Shiraz and skip Vakil bazaar. Of Course Vakil complex is not limited to Vakil bazaar and includes the bath, Ab-Anbar, mosque and ….
You can find a series of traditional chambers in Vakil bazaar. Vakil bazaar is one of the oldest and biggest bazaars in Shiraz built by Karim Khan Zand. commodities like carpet, paintings, gold, houseware and … are sold in Vakil bazaar and beside that, it enjoys a considerable and beautiful architecture as well. That’s why it is among the must see attractions in Shiraz.

Nasir al-Mulk mosque or the Pink mosque

Nasir al-Mulk is a place to observe the truly beautiful and vibrant colour combinations. This mosque is among the top ten mosques of the world and is renowned for its colors. The founder of this mosque, which was built in the last years of the 19th century, was Mirza Hasanali Khan Nasir al-Mulk.

Using the stained glasses and turquoise tiles along with the unique design of the building demonstrates the passion and art of the architect. The sun shines on the stained glass windows of the mosque and reflects on the floor tiles, creating a magnificent picture. Try to visit this mosque between 9am and 11am when the sun is at its brightest form. Do not forget to take photos in this beautiful mosque.

Hafezieh (Tom of Hafiz) 

One of the most popular great poets of Iran is Hafez who is also known as Lesan al-qayb, Tarjoman al-asrar, and Lesan al-orafa. Hafiz’s tomb is located in Hafezieh, which is one of Shiraz gardens.

Hafezieh is much more beautiful and peaceful at night. The lighting in this garden is spectacular, and the octagonal vault of Hafez’s tomb stands out. It is interesting that this architecture is in Achaemenids and Zandiye style. Hafez’s poetry is artistically engraved on the marble tomb.
Hafezieh is a safe and peaceful place not only for the citizens of Shiraz but also for travelers and tourists. Walking in this Iranian garden makes one of the most memorable moments of your life. The site is packed almost every day, and you can always find someone to take Fal-e hafez for you which is kind of a fortune telling based on Hafez poems. You can take a break in Hafezieh tea house and enjoy spending time in this glorious place.


Sadi – an Iranian renowned poet – tomb is known as Sadiyeh and is located near Delgosha Garden. Sadiyeh was actually the home of Sadi – the great poet – and after his death, he was buried there as well. There is a fish pond near Sadi tomb, where locals used to wash their clothes. They believed (before Sadi and even Islam) that this pond was healing. The Delgosa Gardens are 1,500 years old and have bloomed and destroyed many times. Delgosha is 7.5 acres wide and bitter orange is the fruit that is found in it the most. On Ordibehesht (april and may), this garden with the beautiful blossoms and the delightful aroma of orange blossom, provides a pleasant atmosphere and a romantic setting for special dates.

Shiraz from the adventure point of view

Mosques with internationally renowned architecture, gardens built to compete with the gods who created heaven, shrines which detach you from the terrestrial life and people with a completely distinct culture and interesting and old rituals have contributed to provide you with a perfect cultural trip to Iran.(link)
Now let’s not forget about the adventure attractions of Shiraz and discuss some of the most beautiful ones.

Maharlu lake – Pink lak

The Pink mosque in Shiraz is probably one of the first sights you visit in Shiraz. The flashing pink lights and colors inside the mosque are caressing eyes. Now it’s time to experience this in nature as well.
Maharlu lake, known as the Pink lake, is located 18 km away from Shiraz. Due to a special kind of algae, this lake appears pink. . Many flamingos pass by this lake every year as their favorite food, Artemia, can be found there. Flamingoes with pink wings, on a lake which is as colorful as a painter’s palette, create a scenery with no counterpart anywhere in the world.

The lost paradise in Shiraz

The lost paradise or Tang-e-Bostanak is located 120 kilometers northwest of Shiraz. It is one of the most attractive sites in Shiraz. This paradise includes a waterfall, thick and dense vegetation, beautiful green trails and an eye catching lake and dam. The photos that we share with you can somehow reflect this landscape’s beauty. This place is also a good and relatively easy option for those who don’t have much trekking and climbing experience.

Tang-e Boraq

Tang-e Boraq is the fixed option in Shiraz adventure tours(link). This eye-catching village is located 190 km from Shiraz.
Tang-e Boraq includes a waterfall, a pond, a spring, a calcareous cave and even ancient petroglyphs from the Sassanid era. This village is a perfect choice for those who want to spend a full day in nature on a Shiraz trip.

Darab Reghz (Raqez) Canyon or the pardisal bride

When creating Reghz canyon or the paradisal bride, nature has acted like a young god and created something different and innovative. This young god has not accepted any two similar designs and has embellished every inch of this masterpiece with unique and creative artistry. This strict and critical god has paid considerable attention when designing waterfalls and ponds.
However, the creator seems tragically in love with his creature and doesn’t want strangers to see it, turning it into one of the most impassable places. Such that till a decade ago, people barely knew about it.

Darab Reghz (Raqez) Canyon or the pardisal bride

Reghz canyon or the paradisal bride which is the gods’ lover as well, is located 245 km away from Shiraz.
There are two trekking paths to the origin of Reghz spring, one of which takes 4 hours of walking and mountain climbing and the other takes four hours as well, however, you can drive 2 hours of it and go through the remaining 2 hours by walking and climbing.
A high stamina, climbing skills and proper equipment are prerequisites for entering this canyon. In other words, it is suitable for those with previous experience of trekking trips and it could be even dangerous for amateurs. Notwithstanding, every year many travelers and tourists challenge themselves and overcome these obstacles to visit the paradisal bride and the love of nature.

Dasht-e Arzhan

A little far from Shiraz, there is an alluring plateau. Dasht-e Arzhan is 60 km from Shiraz. If you visit it in the second half of the year, you will see flocks of migratory birds. Along with that, the rich vegetation and various animal species have created a landscape with a beauty beyond compare. Dasht-e Arzhan is beautiful in the spring as well. This vast plateau is located between mountains with lots of springs and waterfalls which make it so green and fresh. This plateau was once a hunting ground for the ancient iranians. Don’t miss Dasht-e Arzhan, it contains all the beauty.

Intangible cultural heritage of Shiraz

Due to Shiraz’s rich civilization and history, its intangible heritage is significant. Shiraz citizens have a variety of rituals and ceremonies. For example, a wedding ceremony in Shiraz is accompanied by several traditions, customs and rituals.

Rituals and ceremonies

One of the most diverse wedding traditions in Shiraz is Aqd-e suri. The invitees to Aqd-e Suri are the youth family members and friends of the bride and groom. Actually this ceremony is somehow like a friendly gathering. The young guests give the groom and bride presents which are mostly valuable fabrics. This ceremony is partly like the western bachelor party.
Another intangible cultural heritage of Shiraz is its distinct traditional dance. Local and traditional Shiraz dance is performed in groups. One of their famous dances is performed with sticks. This local dance is performed with rhythmic movements and music. Its music is called Jang-Nameh which means the war march.This dance is performed in ceremonies and joyous events.

The wedding ceremony of bitter orange tree

This ceremony is actually an old ritual which is performed from the very old times in Shiraz. This ritual is taken from an old myth which, despite entering the modern times, is still considered and performed. The philosophy behind this ritual is to appreciate the importance and value of nature and orange blossom in particular. This myth tells the story of a woman who wants to cut down a kind tree. The tree, seeking attention, had not yielded in the last year. Neighbors intervene to try to calm the landlady and convince her not to cut down the tree, and the story ends with a wedding for the bitter orange tree. The bride is the bitter orange tree. Neighbors cover it with a white bridal veil and sing local wedding songs, and hand out candy. Wedding celebrations are held every spring for trees that are not bearing enough fruit. The neighbors are invited and the landlord symbolically invades the tree and tries to chop it down. The neighbors dissuade him/her and then throw a party, cook, eat and enjoy their gathering.

There were three fish ponds in Shiraz, Varzaghan, and Fasa, one of which dried up and two others still exist. The citizens of Shiraz hold special ceremonies for these ponds and cherish them very much. Sadiyeh fish pond is one of them. On the 40th day of spring, people gather around the pond, cook and celebrate. They believe that a goldfish with a golden nose ring swims in the pond. They consider this fish sacred and believe that it can make dreams come true and the pond water is healing. They also believe that if unmarried girls and boys wash their hands and face in the pond water, he/she would find his/her soulmate.

As you can see, all these rituals embody cheerful spirit and respect for nature. If you schedule your travel date appropriately and coordinate with your tour guide, you may have the opportunity to take part in some of these ceremonies and rituals.

Carpet Weaving

Another intangible heritage of Fars province, with Shiraz as center, is the carpet weaving skills which is inscribed in the Unesco world heritage list as well. According to the historical documents and evidence, the traditional skills of carpet weaving enjoy a history of more than 12 centuries. The oldest document in Iran attesting to this intangible cultural heritage is in the treasury of Harun al-Rashid which dates back to the first half of the 9th century.

Nomadic people

Another valuable cultural heritage of Shiraz is the nomadic people.As mentioned earlier, the Nomadic lifestyle relies on repeated relocations to provide livestock with good forage and access to a suitable climate. This lifestyle has a long history in Iran and has evolved according to the country’s climatic conditions. Fars nomadic peoples have been leading this way of life for centuries. In the hot season, they move from qishlaq to yaylak. This involves loads of hardship which they welcome with open arms.

This migration includes lots of the primary pastoral cultures and if this migration is stopped, an enormous culture would be forgotten and devastated as well.

What makes the Shiraz nomad story more interesting is that its two dominant tribes, Firooz Abad nomads and Pasargad nomads live there independently and peacefully along with each other.

Best time to travel to Shiraz

Ordibehesht (April and May) is probably the best time for a Shiraz tour(link). Orange blossoms, rose, Narcissus and chamomile flowers add to the beauty of the city. On the other hand, in Ordibehesht, Shiraz is not as crowded as a month earlier in Nowruz holidays, and the weather is cool and not as annoyingly hot as summer. Winter is suitable for travel to Shiraz as well, because the amount of tourists is relatively low in this season and the prices are economical.

Shiraz Food & Restaurants

For a tourist who has spent his/her entire day visiting the beautiful pink mosque, visiting Shiraz Persepolis and walking in beautiful Shiraz gardens, nothing compares with a delicious local dish. Shiraz local cuisine is so diversified and their aroma and taste could be felt even from their photos.
Kalam Polo Shirazi, Kufte Holu, Ash-e Mast, Ash-e Sabzi, Havij Polo, Qormeh Beh, and Shirazi Polo are among the most famous Shiraz dishes.
Most Shiraz dishes are delicious pilafs which are combined with vegetables and even nuts and they usually have a sweet taste.

For example, Albaloo Polo Shirazi ingredients are sour cherry, pilaf, sugar, spice, and ground meat. Pistachio and walnut are used to garnish this delicious dish. Of course, Shirazi dishes are not limited to this list and we cannot have a definitive opinion on them.

The good news for vegan and vegetarian tourists and travelers is that greens make up a large portion of Shiraz dishes. Delicious dishes such as Dopiaze Alu, Shekar Polo, Eshkeneh, Dampokhtak, and Rob Polo could be among the delicious options for vegetarians and vegans.

For example, Dopiaze Alu, a very popular and healthy dish in Shiraz, consists of boiled potato, onion, tomato or tomato paste and spices.
Note that many of these dishes do not contain meat and other animal products in their original recipe, however, in the restaurants, ask your travel guide to make sure about the ingredients so you may enjoy your meal better.

Shiraz desserts

The aforementioned dishes are served as main meals for lunch and dinner. We have to consider something as snacks as well. Some of these dishes, like Dampokhtak, are so delicious that you can eat them all day long and still don’t get enough. However, you can’t skip the sweets and desserts easily as well.

Shiraz Masqati is among the popular sweets. Tourists not only eat this sweet with their tea, but also take it as a souvenir for their loved ones. Masqati ingredients are generally water, starch, sugar, oil, rose water, and citric acid and other additives are included according to the cook’s preferences.
Ranginak Shirazi, Shiraz’s cookies, Fasa bread, Kharak dessert, Shiraz Bershlik sweet, Mosht bread, and Badam Sukhte are among other delicious desserts of Shiraz which could be considered as souvenirs as well.

The most famous dessert in Shiraz is Faloodeh Shirazi, which you may have heard repeatedly of. This dessert consists of thin vermicelli-sized noodles and a floral sweet syrup and lemon juice. Faloodeh could be a delicious and pleasant end to a long visit to Arg-e Karim Khani and Pasargad. This cold dessert is so popular among Shiraz residents and tourists that you can easily find it throughout the city. Faloodeh which is served behind Arg-e Karim Khani is one of the best to try.

Shiraz best restaurants

Since we talked about Shiraz dishes and Shiraz desserts, it’s a good time to address some of its best restaurants as well.

Haft Khan restaurant

Many people think that no trip to Shiraz is complete without a visit to this restaurant. Haft Khan restaurant is located near Quran gate and Shiraz grand hotel. Haft Khan complex has 5 different restaurants and two cofes with a specific restaurant on each floor. In fact, whether you like kebab, or are a vegetarian, prefer sea foods or want to have fast foods, you will always have an option in Haft Khan restaurant.

Haft Khan has always live music, a warm atmosphere, nice staff and a good view of the city. Those who have been in this restaurant agree that the best Dampokhtak is served there.


Sharzeh is the oldest and most prominent restaurant in Shiraz. After having an excursion in Vakil complex, you can have the most delicious dishes at Sharjah restaurant. Sharzeh is a traditional restaurant with live music, conveying a strong nostalgic vibe. Prices at Sharzeh are not cheap, but the high quality of the food makes up for it. Kabab Lari, Baqali Polo, and fish Kabab are among the most favorite dishes in Sharzeh. You should also taste Kashk-e Bademjan and Shirazi Salad in Sharzeh.

Parhami house restaurant

After wandering around Shiraz neighborhoods, you will reach a house with 200 years of history. This house with an eye-catching yard and a turquoise pond is not as luxurious as the modern restaurants. One of the most delicious Kalam polos of Shiraz is served in copper dishes in this restaurant. You can have traditional contornis and desserts with your meal. Interestingly, Nasir al-Mulk mosque is located exactly in front of Parhami house restaurant.

Where to buy coffee in Shiraz

In order to avoid problems finding a good coffee, we will introduce some cafes in which you can find economical and take away coffees.

Cafe Roller

Shiraz, Ghasrodasht street
Phone: 07136317370
Working hours: every day from 8 to 21

Hanooz Cafe

Shiraz, eastern Ghodoosi street
Phone: 09196741848

Shiraz residents

You may have heard a lot about the hospitality of Iranians.
This impression of hospitality and kindness and warmth that Iranians have on tourists is not limited to any particular ethnic group or community.

Shiraz citizens are part of this territory and enjoy all of these qualities.

Shiraz people are renowned for being hospitable and cool. You would barely find a tourist with a bad memory of Shiraz and its people. Anyone who has traveled to Shiraz, has realized peoples’ pure sense of hospitality. Another remarkable feature of Shiraz people is their calmness. They literally live the moment and take advantage of every single moment for gathering and having fun. This has led them to always be in a lively and joyful mood and spread this mood among the tourists and travelers as well.

Shiraz residents income

Shiraz is one of the oldest cities in Iran and among the three main destinations for cultural tourism. At the same time, it is one of Iran’s advanced cities and people have occupations in industry.
It is noteworthy that this city has been so popular among Iranian and international tourists that the tourism industry plays a vital role in their work life. It is very common that tourists travel to Iran again and again just to visit Shiraz.


Shiraz public figures

Also, during the span of history, so many internationally renowned figures have come from this lovely city. You may know them as well, so we briefly address some of them.


Previously in this article, you might have become familiar with this poet when we talked about his tomb and the garden where he is buried.

Therefore, now we keep it short and just mention part of one his poems:

“O beautiful wine-bearer, bring forth the cup and put it to my lips

Path of love seemed easy at first, what came was many hardships.

With its perfume, the morning breeze unlocks those beautiful locks

The curl of those dark ringlets, many hearts to shreds strips”


The combination of original and striking architecture of Saadi tomb and the unique garden near his burial make an unforgettable picture. It is said that Victor Hogo inspired a lot from Saadi.
With all of these in mind, you may have become as passionate as me to read a poem of Saadi:

“I wished to see her to end the pain (of not seeing her for a long time)
I saw her; I became more enthusiastic!
I wanted to see and listen to her
Suddenly, all my body became eyes and ears!”

Karim Khan Zand

After two poets, now it’s time to address a political figure. Interestingly, in contrast to other politicians around the world, this iranian king, Karim /khan Zand, did not like blood and massacre. However, he was renowned for the satisfaction of its people, progress and the peace of mind ruling over the territory. Karim Khan was named Vakil ol-raaya at that time which means the people’s deputy.

Top hotels, hostels and accommodations

Shiraz has a variety of qualified hotels and traditional houses. The best accommodation option is basically the one which complies with your conditions. There are a variety of five star and high quality 4, 3 and 2 star hotels of international standards in Shiraz. Also, should you like to experience staying in a traditional place with traditional architecture, traditional houses (hostels) would be a good option for you. These traditional houses are mostly relatively old and once were personal properties. Now they function as hostels and touristic accommodations.

Hotel Eliysee

In 2018, hotel Eliysee was rated as the best hotel in Fars province. This hotel, located away from the crowds and traffic of the city center, with a peaceful architecture and a well trained staff, conveys a feeling close to your own house. The hotel is very close to the historical texture of the city and has access to all transportation services including the subway. Eliysee, a four star hotel, has won many national awards for its quality and services.

Emarat Haft Rang

Haft Rang traditional house is a historical house more than 150 years old. Haft Rang traditional house has 12 chambers and it is relatively close to Shah Cheraq holy shrine and Nasir al-Mulk mosque. To convey a nostalgic vibe, Haft Rang rooms do not have any Tvs, refrigerators, cooling systems and bathrooms. However, the guests can easily access these facilities in the accommodation. Travelers looking for an opportunity to escape the normal mechanical life, would love this accommodation.

Shiraz grand hotel

This 5 star hotel is located near Quran gate, the northern entry of Shiraz city and thus is one of the first buildings to catch eyes when entering Shiraz. The 13 floor Shiraz grand hotel has 158 rooms and a capacity of 350 guests. This hotel has the advantage of being close to historical, religious and leisure attractions. The largest revolving restaurant of Iran is located in this hotel. Shiraz grand hotel, enjoying a well trained and experienced staff provide you with services at the international standard level.

Emarat-e Fil traditional hotel

Emarat-e Fil is a traditional hotel located in the heart of Shiraz. The history of this 19 century construction dates back to Zandiye dynasty and is more than 260 years old. The rooms in this hotel are decorated in a traditional style and Qajari pictures are on the rooms walls. Brick is the main material in this building and you may find beauty in every angle of it. All of the rooms and suites in Emarat-e Fil are well equipped to comfort the guests.

Shiraz’s art and architecture

Shiraz is the center of culture and art. Shiraz, thanks to its artist and craftsman human assets, has gained an important status in the handcraft context. Therefore, it is not surprising that Shiraz is titled as the world city of handicrafts. This clearly shows that the handicrafts and traditional arts are the ancient and lasting heritage and are considered as the true ambassadors of this territory.

Khatam, pottery, glassblowing, toreutics, kilim weaving, mosaic, wood carving, miniature, carpet weaving and … are among the valuable handicrafts of Shiraz. Many of the famous and renowned Iranian poets and writers were from Shiraz.

One of the inseparable and significant features of Shiraz is its traditional and old architecture which reflects a world of mystery, art and knowledge.
Some elements and features are common among all of Shiraz historical periods which includes tall pillars, striking paintings, stained glasses, large yards and ponds.
Generally, yards in houses are among the main characteristics of residential context and traditional architecture of Shiraz. This element, along with Shiraz’s architecture’s other feature, introvertism, make a perfect combination. The interior chambers and rooms of Shiraz old houses are located around the yard. The yard has a garden which makes the lovely climate of Shiraz even more pleasant. The traditional architecture of Shiraz usually includes one store houses made out of stone or adobe, with attics and brick or adobe arch.

The best photography locations in Shiraz

Shiraz is full of locations in which you can take photos that wouldn’t repeat a lifetime. In addition to the visual attractions, you will definitely have so much fun in Shiraz to want to record your trip memories as much as possible. If you intend to capture your moments and memories in Iran by photo, we recommend you to read “Photography regulations in Iran(link)”.

One of the historical sites in which you should certainly carry a camera is Persepolis. This historical city gives you the chance to take an ancient photo. The sun shining on the palaces stones creates a golden and strange copper color as if it is always the golden time.

One of the historical sites in which you should certainly carry a camera is Persepolis. This historical city gives you the chance to take an ancient photo. The sun shining on the palaces stones creates a golden and strange copper color as if it is always the golden time.

The staircase and the european architecture style and the symmetry seen in Shapoori mansion, and the pond, have created a special beauty. You would certainly post the photo taken in this place on your social media.

One of the historical sites in which you should certainly carry a camera is Persepolis. This historical city gives you the chance to take an ancient photo. The sun shining on the palaces stones creates a golden and strange copper color as if it is always the golden time.

Arg-e Karim Khan is part of the Shiraz stories and identity and also a landmark of the city’s glory and history. The photo that you take with Iran’s Pisa tower will certainly be one of your memorable ones.

The reflection of the mansion picture on the pond water, the stained glass and wooden ceiling and the peaceful atmosphere of Manteghi Nejad, make it an ideal location for beautiful and nice photos.

Shiraz souvenirs and markets

Now it’s time to talk about my favorite part which is markets and souvenirs. I guess that you might be passionate about this part as well. Shiraz souvenirs fall in two categories of foods and handicrafts.
We have briefly addressed food souvenirs in the section of Shiraz desserts. Among them, Shiraz Maghati, Shiraz Koloocheh, candied almonds and ranginak are good options as souvenirs. Since they are both economically affordable and have nice packages. You can also take herbal distillates such as pussy willow and rose water as souvenirs from Shiraz.

However, some tourists might prefer handicrafts as souvenirs. In that case you should take some of the original arts of the city such as toreutics, khatam, wood carving, silversmith and … .
These arts could have been applied and performed on a small cup, or a big vase. You can take whatever you like.

Also, it is not easy to ignore Shiraz women art in carpet weaving. Shiraz carpets and gabbes are so eye-catching and alluring. Even if you are not determined to buy one, we recommend to give Shiraz carpet stores a visit and enjoy their colorful beauty.

All of these arts are clearly handicrafts, resulting from tens of years of work and practice. Thus, they might naturally cost more than some other souvenirs.

A khatam jewelry holder on your vanity table, with your wedding ring or your watch in it, can remind you of Shiraz pleasant memories and the orange blossoms nice aroma.

Where to buy souvenirs in Shiraz?

Not only in Shiraz, but also in all of the historical cities of Iran, the best places to buy souvenirs and handicrafts are the city’s traditional bazaars.
Interestingly, almost all cities in Iran have a traditional market, among which Tabriz grand bazaar is inscribed in the UNESCO cultural world heritage list. The traditional market of Shiraz town is Vakil bazaar, where you can buy all kinds of aforementioned souvenirs. Vakil complex which includes Vakil bath, bazaar and mosque are located in a close distance. Therefore to save time and kill two birds with one stone, you can visit the whole complex in one day and buy souvenirs as well. Haji Shiraz and Taleghani bazaar are two historical markets in Shiraz which can satisfy any customer with their diversified goods.

Also, it is not easy to ignore Shiraz women art in carpet weaving. Shiraz carpets and gabbes are so eye-catching and alluring. Even if you are not determined to buy one, we recommend to give Shiraz carpet stores a visit and enjoy their colorful beauty.

All of these arts are clearly handicrafts, resulting from tens of years of work and practice. Thus, they might naturally cost more than some other souvenirs.

A khatam jewelry holder on your vanity table, with your wedding ring or your watch in it, can remind you of Shiraz pleasant memories and the orange blossoms nice aroma.

The transportation infrastructure

If you intend to travel to Shiraz by your own car, you have to take a 930km distance from Tehran to Shiraz. Traveling by your own car has the point to visit Isfahan and Kashan cities on your way.

Train is one of the most economical and popular means of travel to Shiraz. The train ticket cost from Tehran to Shiraz may increase based on the number of train compartments, type of train, and the department date. The estimated time of arrival to Shiraz from Tehran is about 15 hours.

Bus is one of the cheapest means of travel to decrease the costs; the bus ticket cost is much cheaper than traveling by personal car, train and airplane.

The conditions of traveling to Shiraz by airplane are different from traveling with other means of transportation. Traveling by airplane increases your costs, however, you would reach your destination in the fastest way. The price of Tehran-Shiraz airplane tickets may vary based on your flight date and time, and the type of your flight and airplane. Your flight will reach the city of orange blossoms in less than an hour and 20 minutes.

Shiraz enjoys a strong transportation system. In this city you can use subway, bus, taxi and also online taxis as means of transportation. Due to the high amount of tourists coming to Shiraz, this city has an international airport as well.

Interesting facts about Shiraz

Here in Shiraz, you can find gardens more than any other constructions and you can find poets more than any other celebrities. That’s why you wouldn’t hear anything but poetry and words of wisdom.

A beautiful garden is found in almost all of Shiraz neighborhoods. These gardens are so pleasant that you may need two or three hours to realize and absorb the joy. Some of these gardens are in the middle of Shiraz old houses, in which case you’d kill two birds with one stone; you can both walk in a beautiful garden and also get familiar with the traditional architecture and mansions of this city.

Shiraz is sister to Doshanbeh in Tajikistan, Nicosia in Cyprus, Chongqing in China, and Weimar in Germany.
The middle of spring, which is the 15th of Ordibehesht, is the national day of Shiraz in Iran.
Shiraz citizens are so warm and hospitable. At the first glance, you might mistake their kindness for deception. In fact, you should not be worried at all. Hospitality is the characteristic feature of Shiraz people; if they invite you to their home, they absolutely mean it. In 1968 to 1978, Shiraz art festival used to be held in this city which was one of the greatest cultural festivals of its time in the world.

Emergency phone numbers to have handy in Shirazv(2)

Shiraz is so popular among tourists. It is better to have the emergency phone numbers and addresses so you can make a call as needed. Iran’s phone code is 0098 and Shiraz’s phone code is 071.

Emergency: 115
Telephone information: 118
Firefighter: 125
Police: 110
Road information: 7266621
Flight information: 7218888
Amir Kabir bus terminal: 8215326
Meteorology: 134

Homa information in Shiraz: 4-20813
Namazi hospital: 071-36474331
Shahid Rajaei hospital: 071-32351090
Shahid Chamran hospital: 071-36240101

Pharmacy information: 191
Airport information: 199
Iran Khodro Emdad Khodro: 096440
Shiraz passport office: 6628822
Shiraz airport: 22063