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Skiing is as old as human life. About 300 years ago, the military began skiing, and it was not long before the world fell in love with it and it became an exciting pastime and sport. Skiing in Iran became a luxury sport in early 1339 AD. In 1944, the Iranian Ski Federation was established and after its membership in the World Ski Federation, in 1955, it officially entered the sports of Iran and now sports it is very popular. In Iran, every year with the start of the ski season, many ski enthusiasts and skiers go to the slopes, and the Iranian slopes are a good place to drain energy. Iran's ski slopes are one of the areas that thrive in winter, and of course, some of them are open to skiers and ski enthusiasts until mid-spring. As you know, in addition to being challenging and physically active, skiing is a great way to explore mountainous areas, especially if your destination is Iran and exploring its ski slopes. The unique and snowy mountains of Iran are always waiting for ski tourists. Experience your skiing career on the slopes of Iran with Deytrips ski tours.
Climbing is one of those activities that you enjoy every day of the year. Climbing in the high mountains that have been the support of the cities and people of Iran for many years are waiting for you. High and snow-capped peaks are the way for the climbers who are you to experience and explore their peaks and add to your honors in this sport. Climbing in the highlands and beautiful peaks of Iran with a tour Experience professional Deytrips Climbing and do not miss the pleasure of seeing different mountain ranges and conquering the beautiful peaks of Iran.
Where to go on a Ski & Climbing Tours
Top Iran Ski & Climbing Destinations

Top Iran Ski & Climbing Tours

Where to go on a Ski & Climbing Tours

Iran Ski & Climbing Tours Notes

Since ski-mountaineering tours are performed at an advanced level, if you are applying to participate in these tours, you must have sufficient physical strength and experience.
The best time for ski-mountaineering tours is autumn and winter
You do not need to bring your ski equipment with you on Deytrips ski tours. Depending on the type of ski you choose, you can rent the required equipment from the slopes and start your sports activity.
It should be noted that in ski-mountaineering tours according to your schedule, experienced instructors and professors will accompany you.
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