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Deytrips Cultural tours are definitely one of the best options on the table for traveling. If you are one of those tourists who like to know all the details about the tribes of different regions, Deytrips tours are definitely a good option for you. What would you like to experience? In these trips, you will also have a meal with the hospitable people of Iran. Climb up the hills with the nomads as they sing their beautiful local songs. It goes without saying that visiting villages and seeing rural life up close creates a different sense of culture in you. Resting and drinking tea in the motherly embrace of the traditional architecture of the Iranian bazaar has its own purity. In Cultural tours, we immerse you in the culture of the Iranian people so much that you do not feel alienated. We visit different handicrafts and experience making some of them. We make pottery and weave carpets and then drink orange and mint spring syrup after a traditional hot and steamy bath. Iran has thousands of historical monuments and 24 tangible works including a wide range of historical monuments, architecture and natural attractions and 15 intangible works including special behaviors, symbols, skills, tools, indigenous knowledge and technology, handicrafts and places. Cultural sites are inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Many tourists visit these world heritage sites every year and you can be one of them. Visiting the historical places and museums of Iran will surprise you. Iranian mosques are a mixture of color and light, sky and earth. Do not miss these tours. Everyone who came to Iran has a hard time leaving it.
Where to go on a Cultural Tours

Top Iran Cultural Destinations

Top Iran Cultural Tours

Where to go on a Cultural Tours
Iran Cultural Tours Notes
Deytrips Cultural Tours has no age limit and everyone can participate.
According to the written itinerary in cultural tours, wherever the entrance fee is needed, the cost of the tour is already calculated with you and there is no need to pay the entrance fee to historical and natural places during the trip.
You may be wondering if it is possible to film and photograph historical sites. Yes, you are definitely here to capture the moments of your trip, but remember that photography and filming with flash is prohibited in some museums and historical sites. So be careful not to flash your equipment as it will damage museum objects and the texture of historical sites.
Deytrips uses Deytrips or regional leaders for all their tours. So do not worry about it.
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