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Important needs of traveling to Iran

Iran internet speed 2021
Iran, in terms of internet infrastructure, is well positioned in the world and now almost all touristic areas of Iran are equipped with 4G internet.
To use the 4G internet, after entering Iran, you simply need to buy a SIM card. Then you can activate your internet.
How to use the Internet in Iran?
It is very convenient. After entering Iran, you can easily get a SIM card from one of the companies providing Iranian communication services at the airport and activate your phone's internet immediately.
Use of monetary services in Iran
As you know, international credit cards are not allowed in Iran and you cannot use these cards during your trip and you are forced to carry cash. Carrying cash has its disadvantages and sometimes it would be a very time-consuming and difficult task to find currency exchanges. But in Iran, you can use the travel card during your trip. The travel cards are the rechargeable debit cards that enable you to charge them as much as you need. Almost everywhere in Iran (except in very isolated areas), you can make your purchases by using travel cards.
The range of usage for travel cards in Iran:
• Purchasing from all Iranian shops
• Paying the hotel charges
• Paying the tickets
• Purchasing the plane or trains tickets.
• Purchasing through Internet payment gateways (IPG) inside Iran
• Withdrawing cash from the ATMs
• Checking your bank account balance online
• Transferring money online
To receive the travel card without spending too much time and being confused by Iran banking laws, please just fill in the form below and submit it to us.
There are two ways to receive a debit card:
1- After arriving in Iran, choose a bank, open an account and deliver your long-term credit card. However, this
is usually a difficult procedure because of not being aware of Iranian banking laws and it takes some time.
2- Providing the travel cards by travel agencies in Iran.
We are able to provide you a debit card that suits your budget so that you can use it easily during your trip.
Iran useful applications
In Iran, people have been using the services of mobile applications for many years, and the number of requests to use online services is increasing day by day. You can also experience an easier trip during your trip by using some of these applications.
To use most of these applications, you need to have a travel card with a second password so that you can make your payments in Rials.
If you are our traveler, we will provide you with a travel card and a SIM card for free. Otherwise, you can email us so that we can provide you with a travel card and a SIM card.
We want to introduces you to some of the best applications that might come handy in while you are in Iran.
snapp & tap30
These are 2 ride-hailing apps like Uber in other countries. They are user-friendly interface and always available drivers. They are super affordable. You can register on the apps, via your Google account.
You can find restaurants, cafés, shopping centers and fun options at this useful app which is popular in Iran too. This app uses visitor’s comments to stay up to date and add new places and destinations. Rely on comments and reviews of the users to find your way and choose properly.
It’s the most popular navigation app in Iran especially among car drivers due to its fast and accurate pathfinding ability. A multilingual option, voice recognition system, alternative paths, and user-friendly menu, also you have the option to use Waze when you’re walking too you can use it like a local around the cities and finding your destination easily.
Also, if you have any other necessary works, you can contact Deytrips, so that our team can provide the necessary instructions for you.
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