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The Deytrips story began in 2012, the year when Mr. Mojtaba Taghiabadi (CEO), one of the three main members and a professional nature adventurer interested in the color purple, born in 1988 with a bachelor's degree in archeology, decided to establish an institute after 12 years of activity in student tourism. Provide the environment with (learn the slogan of nature) to protect the environment between adolescents and young adults.
However, his attempt to obtain a license from the Ministry of Education failed due to the lack of a master's degree related to tourism, until in the same year 2013 they succeeded in continuing their studies in the master's degree program in tourism planning at the University of Science and Culture. They advocated ecotourism in schools to increase the culture of environmental protection in the community. In fact, this dissertation founded the institute called Backpack with registration number 37321, which aimed to promote environmental culture and nature tourism among students and schools. The institute, which received a license from the two ministries of education, cultural heritage, handicrafts and tourism, lasted for 3 years. Marzieh Javadi Interested in the color orange color, born in 1985, started her career with a master's degree in tourism planning, so that they can provide a way to achieve the goals of the institute in the form of team work.At the same time, this energetic team, in addition to their specialized activities for students, started their next project, which was to create a different travel agency with the aim of conducting special tours in Iran for tourists. A project that after assessing the needs of the market, started operating at the end of 2017with the new brand "Deytrips” and was able to bring many tourists to Iran at the beginning of 2018 and the first half of 2019 and grow very quickly.
Unfortunately, in the second half of 2019, due to some political and social issues in Iran and sanctions, and at the end of the year with the epidemic of covid 19, irreparable damage entered the tourist industry, but our team decided to design new programs for the growth of the agency. This collection has gone beyond other old competitors to provide a comprehensive and complete site with the possibility of online tour booking and easy and a comprehensive bank of articles in the field of introducing Iran to lead the traditional competitive market to the digital market.
In this way, to approach the main vision of the company, which is to become the best sales platform for tours in Iran and introducing Iran to the world. Planting a tree for every foreign traveler traveling with us in the affected areas is part of our collection's environmental activities.
In a year that can be called the year of the silent death of tourism, Deytrips Group, with the efforts of young, good and energetic and of course, patient members, used the bad situation of tourism to achieve the goals of the complex positively. So that we can achieve our vision and goals.
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