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Everything about Iran Tourist VISA

You will definitely need a visa to travel to the hospitable country of Iran. Here we tell you everything about the Iranian visa.
1- Iran Visa on Arrival (Airport Visa)
An Iranian airport visa is one of the simplest ways to obtain an Iranian visa. You can get this visa immediately after entering Iran from Imam Khomeini Airport in Tehran, Shiraz, Mashhad, Tabriz, Urmia, Isfahan, Bushehr, Bandar Abbas, Qeshm, Kerman and+ Kish
Countries for which visas are not issued at Imam Airport:
USA, UK, Canada, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Jordan, Colombia, Somalia
“Iraqi citizens can obtain an airport visa at Mashhad airport”
Necessary documents for obtaining an Iranian airport visa
Presence of the visa applicant and presentation of the original letter (passport) with at least 6 months and without any damage or objection
Provide a reference code
Original and photo of travel insurance card (this letter is mandatory for all foreign nationals to enter Iran)
Payment of Iranian visa amount to the airport consular unit
If the Iranian visa application has not been done before arrival and the reference code has not been received, the following documents are also required:
Completion and signing of a special questionnaire for applying for a visa (must be legible and fully prepared and submitted).
If the applicant has applied for a visa for his / her spouse and children as a companion in the passport, he / she must enter their exact details in the questionnaires.
Details and photos of spouse and children (under 3 years old) must be previously included in the applicant's passport.
A new and uniform 6 * 4 photo (full face, without hat, glasses, scarf) Applicant and companions.
A copy of the passport profile page image.
The hassle of getting an airport visa
Long queues at airport visa applicants that may cause your guests to wait for hours to receive a visa. (In some cases, up to 2 hours) Different hours of arrival in Iran.
Your guest may arrive at Imam Khomeini Airport at 9 am. In this situation, even the thought of waiting to receive an airport visa after 2 hours of flight is a cause for concern.
Fill out visa application forms at the airport Waiting for the airport visa process to take place
In some cases, non-issuance of visas (in some cases due to lack of knowledge of the rules and conditions for obtaining an Iranian airport visa)
To obtain an Iranian visa, it is always better to apply for a visa in advance. If your guest has the necessary conditions to receive an airport visa in Iran, you can ask us to enter the application for a visa at the airport by entering the name of the airport of your guest in the guest relevant form.
2- Iran Visa Before Arrival
You can fill out visa forms online and apply for an Iranian visa by visiting the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran.
You can get an Iranian visa by visiting Iranian embassies and consulates in your own country.
You can apply for an Iranian visa through Iranian travel agencies. That Deytrips Agency has made it possible for you to apply for an Iranian visa online, and we will get an Iranian visa for you very quickly.
Issuing visa for the citizens of the US, Canada and the UK is as follows
Those who intend to travel to Iran from these countries cannot get the visa without a booking a tour and their accommodation must be a hotel. The process of issuing the visa for Canadian and the UK citizens takes three working weeks and for the US citizens about 2 months. We suggest that you apply for a visa at least three months before your trip. You can buy an Iran tour from Deytrips and get Iran visa.
Citizens of these countries do not need a visa to enter Iran
In fact, the people of Turkey, Armenia and Syria have the right to stay in the country for 3 months, the citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Syria for 1 month, the Egyptians for 20 days and the citizens of Venezuela for 15 days without a visa. Now, if these people want to stay longer, they have to stay.
How can I get Iran Visa from Deytrips?
Complete the form
bellow and send us
your request
Our expert team will
contact you and give you
complete guidance
Your VISA is
Visa application form
First Name
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Date of Arrival
Date of Departure
Date of Birth
Do we need to have hosts in Iran to obtain an Iran visa?
An Iranian citizen must be a host and complete the relevant documents. If the guest does not have a host in Iran, he/she can buy an Iran tour or hotel to be hosted by the agency.
How much does it cost to obtain an Iran visa per person?
Obtaining an Iranian visa costs about $ 10 on average. Keep in mind that if you intend to get an Iranian airport visa, this price will be higher, and on average, the price of an Iranian airport visa varies between $ 40 and $ 170 for different countries.
How long is the validity of the Iranian tourist visa?
The expiration date of the Iranian tourist visa is 30 days. After this period, you can apply for an Iranian visa (tourist visa) again by visiting the offices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Iran and extend your visa for up to 60 days. Of course, keep in mind that the length of stay of citizens of countries that can travel to Iran without a visa is different.
How long does it take to issue Iran visa?
The duration of issuing an Iranian visa varies for different countries. This time is from a minimum of 3 days to a maximum of 20 days. If you intend to obtain an Iranian visa, we recommend that you apply at least one or two months in advance so that in case of any problem, you can make up for it. The visa application process takes three weeks for Canadians and UK citizens and two months for US citizens.
How should under-18s get an Iranian visa?
Foreign nationals under the age of 18 who intend to travel to Iran need a written permission from their father (or legal guardian) to obtain a visa (either at the airport or through Iranian consulates). This permit must be approved by the local notary public.
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