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What’s a partner in Deytrips?
A business partner is a person or a company that works with Deytrips to attract tourists. Whether our partners are individuals or companies, they cooperate with us in attracting Iranian tourists and thus generate income.

Why become our partner?
Deytrips is a growing group with a new approach in tourism in Iran. And this collection will soon become one of the strongest brands in tourism. As a result, partnering with Deytrips can be a rewarding collaboration for you in the near future.

Terms of cooperation with partners
Our partner system is completely smart and you can be anywhere in the world and continue to operate very easily through our website.
- Our partner creates an account on our website and activates his account.
- A special code is provided to the partner, which has two features:
1- The amount of commission for the partner per passenger (which is allocated from $ 30 to $ 150 per partner depending on the activity of the partner)
2- The amount of discount for the passenger who buys with this code. (The amount of discount is different at different times)
- By purchasing the passenger with this code, the partner wallet will be charged automatically.
- Partner wallet is charged in dollars.
- Partners can empty their wallets whenever they want, the minimum amount of the wallet must be $ 200 so that the partner can request to empty their wallets.
"Each partner also has an identification code that can be provided to the passenger or business partners to inform them of the accuracy of the partner information”
Monetizing offers for partners:
1- Activity in social media
If you are active in cyberspace and have a lot of followers, you can attract a lot of tourists by producing very simple content and easily earn money just by providing your referral code to travelers.
2- Cooperation with companies and agencies
You can expand your activities by creating cooperation with travel agencies of your country or companies.
3- Activities in the circle of friends and the university
You can be active in selling Iran tours by attracting the audience around you and also working in universities.
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